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Newcomers to the GBC Family

A new member at The Great Body Co. can expect to become part of a friendly community that is concerned about your health and developing relationships.

We know that an exercise program is more than just coming in and doing your exercise. We believe everyone wants to be healthier. We do not limit this just to exercise, but also include a community of people that will enhance your experience all the way from exercise to improved emotional being. Everyone knows that the physical and psychological components cannot be separated. We know through research there are many emotional and psychological positives that happen in conjunction with a regular exercise program. Here at The Great Body Co. Wellness Center we have the most highly trained staff in the region to meet all of your needs. We employ 4 Exercise Physiologists that can help start your program from a first time exerciser to a high performance athlete.

What to expect when you join

When you join, you will be given the option of participating in an initial orientation. It will require 20-30 min and the staff will show and demonstrate many of the machines you will be using. If you would like a program, one of Exercise Physiologists will schedule a time to do an in depth assessment which includes a medical history, musculoskeletal assessment, and goal setting. They will then take you through the program they have made specifically for you, demonstrating the correct mechanics, form and weight that will be right for you. The Exercise Physiologists will be on the floor for any questions that you may have throughout your workouts.