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Classes & Programs

Looking for a little variety or a competitive challenge in your workout? Then check out our group fitness classes. Watch a short video clip from the class under the video option.

Menu of Classes

Class Description Video Clip
Step A 45 to 60 minute workout that utilizes a step. Intermediate to high levels of choreography work all major muscle groups with a concentration on cardiovascular training. LEVELS: INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED Step
Spin A 45 minute high energy cardio class on a spin bike in which you control your own intensity. The class is set to music to help you achieve a greater workout. LEVELS: ALL Spin Class
Kickboxing A 60 minute total body workout using various forms of martial arts training. Punches and kicks with and without a target provide a challenging cardio and strength workout. LEVELS: INT, ADV Kickboxing
Pilates A 60 minute class focusing on strengthening the core and other muscle groups with no impact to joints using the physio-ball. A Pilates mat of your own is recommended. LEVELS: ALL Pilates
Ball Pilates A 60 minute class designed to strengthen core, increase flexibility, and improve posture as well as balance. Balls and bands are used to aid movements. We recommend a Pilates mat of your own. LEVELS: ALL Pilates
Total Body A 60 minute cardio and toning class. Styles such as basic step, kickboxing, Gliding, weight training and functional training is combined to create an effective workout. LEVELS: ALL Total Body
Pump & Tone 60 minute weight class utilizing bar weight, hand weights, and bands to condition and stregthen all major muscle groups.
Low Impact (LI) 60 minute class that consists of warm up, basic movements on the floor or step, light weight training, abdominal and core work, cool down and dynamic stretching. Stability balls, steps, weights and tubes are used to give every participant a safe workout. LEVELS: ALL Low Interval
Weight Training (WT) A 60 minute class utilizing a bar with weights, dumbbells and participants’ own body weight concentrating on building strength and/or muscular endurance in all the major muscle groups as well as sculpting the overall body. Certain classes work to the music using basic choreography designed for weight training. It is recommended that you see the instructor when you take this class for the first time. LEVELS: *SEE INSTRUCTOR Weight Training
20/20/20 20 minutes of hi-lo cardio, 20 minutes of cardio with weights, 20 minutes of athletic style training. LEVELS: INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED
**Better Balance A 45 minute class that will improve balance and strength using light weights and resistance bands. By targeting the core muscles essential to walking, standing and sitting, your balance will improve with the proper mechanics. LEVELS: See Instructor Better Balance Class
Barre Fit A 45 minute class which involves muscle sculpting and reshaping using isometric movements and dance techniques. LEVELS: ALL
**High Voltage 60 minutes of circuit training that target all of the major muscles. This is a fast paced class that will keep your heart rate elevated the entire time. If you like P90X and Insanity, this class is for you! LEVELS: INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED High Voltage Class
Interval Step 60 minute cardio interval workout with tempo change.
Zumba A 60 minute Latin dance inspired cardio class. Basic dance moves taught to upbeat and fun music provide a class that’s over before you know it. LEVELS: ALL Zumba
Stroga A 30 minute class that combines stretching and yoga. LEVELS: ALL
90 Minute Spin A 90 minute spin class for the experienced cyclist
Tabata 16 minute workout for all levels of challenging full body exercises that combines strength and cardio LEVELS: ALL Tabata
TRX Suspension Training 45-60 minute class designed to build power, strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility using only the participant’s body weight at the intensity you choose. TRX is a complete total body training system that delivers a challenging new way of exercising and takes your fitness to the next level. TRX
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* For the greatest benefit we recommend that you speak with your instructor upon attending a new class so that we can show you proper setup of equipment, correct alignment and any modifications due to injury and/or illness.

** Indicates an additional fee for this class and/or consultation with Med-Fit.