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Medfit Overview

Health Clubs are full of "personal trainers”. Unlike personal trainers, our qualified staff of Exercise Physiologists has extensive medical knowledge and rehabilitation experience. The GBC Wellness Center staff is dedicated each day to lift up another soul, to provide a helping hand to raise another to courage, faith, and health. We believe in your personal journey to a healthier life.

Members may sign up for appointments anytime they want to learn something new or change their workout routine. Any of our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have or set up an appointment for you. You can also make an appointment at anytime right from our website by clicking “Make an Appointment”.

Great Body Company Wellness Center

Stan Johnson M.S., C.S.C.S., Owner; Email Stan
Scott Held C.S.C.S., Exercise Physiologist Email Scott
Chris Dempers Exercise Physiologist Email Chris
Patricia Williams Financial  
Kayla Kilgore Member Services  
Jennifer Walker Registered Dietitian Email Jennifer
Allie Mullins Member Services  
Ashley Sigwalt M.S., Certified Athletic Trainer Email Ashley
Carl Roberts Fitness Specialist  
Cheryl Reece M.S., Exercise Physiologist  

Aerobic's Instructors
Chris Scissom  
Susan Rash  
Michelle Cassedy  
Susie Mishkin  
Bj Jolley  
Sandra Doran  
Vicki Austin  
Gracie Rash  
Stephanie Scissom  
Janice Cox  
Teresea Wells  
Angela Seeger  
Melissa Luther  
Ashley Davis  
Kathy Carroll  
Brad Belote  
Steve Bennett  
Cassie Shaver  
Linn Branchfield  
Sador Black  

Nursery Workers
Janice Smith  
NaTasha Cobble  
Debbie Collins  

Junior Martin  
Cody Snodgrass