Our group fitness program offers small class sizes for more one-on-one attention, led by instructors who are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. We love what we do, and we can't wait to meet you! In the meantime, here is a little more information about our instructors!

Abbey Davis 

Abbey is the current Aerobics Director at GBC and is a Bristol, Virginia native. She graduated with honors and a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Studies from Roanoke College, and has been teaching group fitness since 2011. She became certified in Zumba® Fitness her first year of college after taking one class! She then went on to get Insanity LIVE certified in 2015, and her national certification through ACE in 2016. She is currently working on her Senior Fitness Specialist Certification through ACE as well. The MedFit Center played a pivotal role in her grandfather's quality of life, and she knew she wanted to become a part of the wonderful professionals and members at GBC. In her free time, Abbey enjoys preparing for her classes, participating in CrossFit, or cuddling with her rescue cat, Miss Kitty!

Susan Rash

Susan is also a Bristol, Virginia native and has over 33 years of experience teaching group fitness. She has a B.S. in Physical Education and Biology from Jacksonville State University, and a M.A. in Sports Psychology from the University of Kentucky. She is a two time All American gymnast, and the owner of her own business called "Fitness Made Mobile". She is a nationally certified instructor through AFAA, with specialty certifications in Spin, Pound, Tabata Bootcamp, and HIGH Fitness. She has specialist certifications in Senior Fitness, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, and CPR. When she is not teaching, she enjoys being outdoors either mountain biking, hiking, or trail running. As a hobby, she enjoys collecting rocks and stacking or balancing them in formations!

Kathy Carroll

When Kathy was 19, she knew she wanted to become a group fitness instructor. Her journey began with Jazzercise, then she ventured into Martial Arts and became a kick boxer. After surviving breast cancer in 2007, she made her way to the Great Body Company where she found people that led her down a healing path and powered herself up again. She got involved in group fitness at GBC and participated in any and all classes until she found Spin. She was hooked! She has been teaching at GBC for 3 years now, and holds national certifications in Spin and Primary Aerobics from AAAI/ISMA. She couldn't imagine doing anything else besides teaching group fitness classes. It's one place she can teach and give back all at the same! GBC is a blessing to her and she is thankful for the staff and wonderful members. Fun facts about Kathy are her favorite candy bar is Snickers, and she loves to deer hunt in her free time!

Kay Newell

Kay has been a member of GBC and a loyal fan of GBC group fitness classes for over 16 years. Kay became a Zumba® fanatic after attending her first class at GBC. She went on to become a certified Zumba® instructor in 2014.  Kay is motivated to stay fit because it makes her to feel younger, maintain a healthy body weight, build strong muscles and joints, and avoid injuries.  Her favorite thing about GBC is the central location, friendly staff, safe environment, and the overall community dynamic.  In addition to being a Zumba® instructor, she is a loving grandmother to a kindergartner named Dottie, baby Thomas, and a Great Dane named Emma!

Brad Belote

Brad was huffing and puffing after his first group fitness class, but he stuck with it, came to love it, and now works to help others love it too. Brad has his national group fitness certification from Fitour and teaches Party Fitness at GBC. His Party Fitness class has been a part of GBC's schedule since 2014, and is one of the members' favorite classes! 

Terri Cox Mieth

Terri has been a member of GBC for 21 years and was inspired by several GBC instructors to get certified to teach. In 2013, Terri earned her national group fitness certification through AFAA and teaches many formats at GBC including Barre/Pilates and Strength and Sculpt. She loves that she can have a hobby job, or as she calls it, a "jobby". She is a mother of 27 year old twin boys, both serving in the military, and a 23 year old drama-queen-theatre-major daughter! She is a hairdresser by trade working in Colonial Heights, and has a dog named Brutus. She loves good coffee cookies and wine!

Steve Bennett

Steve started taking group fitness classes that were offered at his workplace and began noticing changes in his body such as muscle definition, increased endurance, and weight loss. He enjoyed that group fitness gave him the capability to keep up with his children. After taking a Step class and being encouraged by the instructor, he decided to become certified to teach. Steve has been with GBC for over 3 years and teaches Boot Camp Drills and Spin. In his free time, he enjoys running Spartan Races with his children!

Michelle Cassidy

Michelle is a native of Kingsport, TN and lives with her husband and 2 children. She is a stay at home mom that is passionate about group fitness. She has a B.S. from East Tennessee State University and is a nationally certified group fitness instructor through AFAA. She has been teaching group fitness for 7 years and is certified to teach Zumba, STRONG by Zumba, R.I.P., Piloxing, Pilates, Barre, Kickboxing, Tabata, and Step. She loves people and the camaraderie of friendship and encouragement that accompanies group fitness. Her philosophy is that group fitness should be for everyone - safe, functional, effective, and fun! 

Sador Black 

After being a long-time participant in group fitness classes, Sador decided to get certified so she could teach the classes that she enjoyed. Luckily, there was a certification class being taught in Kingsport, and in April 2008 she became an AFAA nationally certified group fitness instructor. She is additionally certified to teach Yoga, Kickboxing, Zumba®, Step, and Spin. Her favorite class to teach is Tabata because the high intensity interval workouts are fun, and can be modified to accommodate any fitness level. Sador has been with GBC for over 3 years. In her free time, Sador loves playing golf. During golf season, she sticks to morning classes and saves the afternoons for hitting the little white ball!  

Anita Campbell

While in college, Anita took a few exercise classes as electives. She had so much fun in health and aerobics, that she decided to major in Health Promotion. Her first internship was with a corporate wellness facility that offered morning and lunchtime group fitness classes - she was hooked! She has been teaching Spin and Yoga at GBC for over 3 years, and is a nationally recognized group fitness instructor through AFFA. Anita loves the environment at GBC and how great of a community it is! A fun fact about Anita is that she loves to travel. She loves experiencing a new adventure away from home!

Kayla Kilgore

Kayla has been a member of GBC since she was in high school in Gate City, VA. She has her bachelors degree in physical education from the University of Virginia's College at Wise,  and currently teaches High Voltage at GBC. Before teaching group fitness, she worked the front desk greeting members and welcoming newcomers to the GBC community. In her free time, Kayla loves training for Strongman competitions, doing CrossFit, and hanging out with her dog and cats!

Teresea Wells 

Teresea took her first group fitness class and fell in love almost immediately! She was inspired to get certified after taking her first step class. She is now a nationally recognized group fitness instructor through ACE. She loves helping people achieve success in staying healthy, and believes group fitness is one of the best ways to stay mobile and strong. She has been teaching Yoga, Pilates, and Weight Training at GBC for 4 years. Her favorite thing about GBC is their expertise in healthy living, and they truly care about their clientele and their achievements. Teresea has 2 children, 5 grandchildren, and is a breast cancer survivor. In her free time, she loves to crochet, sew, play the clarinet, and twirl batons! 

Cassie Shaver

Cassie's practice of yoga started at home; slowly it transformed her from the inside out. She fell in love with the practice and the way it opened her eyes to so many beautiful possibilities. She found Buti Yoga in September of 2013, and received her Level 1 Buti certification in December of 2013. She became a Holistic Life Coach in 2014 through the C.H.E.K Institute and trained at Mountain Yoga in Johnson City, TN where she received her 200 RYT 500 certification. Cassie is a wellness advocate with doTERRA essential oils and uses them to enhance her practice at GBC with her Essential Yoga class. In her spare time, Cassie house sits for several families in the area.