*NEW* Sports Performance Packages

Starting this month, the GBC Wellness Center is offering Sports Performance packages to meet the needs of those looking to improve their game. The way it works is you decide how many classes you would like to take in a month and you can use them for any of our Sports Performance sessions offered that month. This allows us to work with your athlete more often--increasing the probability that they will improve.

Our sessions are based on the most common areas that athletes want to improve: Speed and Agility, Core and Flexibility, Explosion and Jump Training, and, finally, Strength. The sessions in April are Speed/Agility and Core/Flexibility on Tuesdays at 4 pm. The other sessions taking place on Thursday at 4 pm is Explosion (vertical jump, first step quickness, lateral movement) and Strength (total body workouts to make the athlete stronger).

Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. Starting at 4pm, your child could do their homework right after school at our facility and then be ready to workout afterward!

Call 378-4111, email medfit@yahoo.com or stop in to our facility for more information. You sign up for a certain number of sessions so you can still sign up. Share with your friends!

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