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You do not have to live with back pain.


Our 30-day program is directed by a Medical Exercise Specialist and/or a certified Athletic Trainer.  The program is individually based on your personal needs identified in your initial assessment. 

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It will be designed to:

  • Give you a directed one-on-one program to increase the strength and stabilization of the hips and back.

  • Improve back stabilization strength and improve muscular imbalances. 

  • Limit or eliminate back pain while increasing function.  

  • Educate you on your diagnosis and how this program will improve your symptoms and your function. 


If you have seen your Physician, Therapist or Chiropractor and have had past back problems, our team of Medical Exercise Physiologists will develop a program specific to your needs.


Your first session will include:

  •     Medical History

  •     Pain History

  •     Musculoskeletal Assessment

  •     Range of Motion

  •     Exercise History

  •     Goals Assessment.

After the initial assessment you will return for another session to start your program.


  • We will address activities of daily living, such as lifting around the house or driving in a car, that may increase your symptoms. 

  • Job ergonomics can also be addressed by our Ergonomic Assessment Specialist. 


  •  Expect two visits per week for the first two weeks.

  •  One visit per week the following two weeks.


  • Your physician will receive a copy of your initial assessment and will have the opportunity to make any recommendations.

  • An update of your progress will also be sent to them at the end of the program.

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