Need to lose weight? Want to tone up? Have you had surgery or just finished physical therapy and need help getting back into the gym? We can help you achieve any fitness goal from weight loss to increased strength, to rehabilitating an injury! Training with us gives you peace of mind. We will train you the correct way and properly educate you, which will decrease your chance of injury and lead you to faster results!

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General fitness goals or a recent injury?

We will design a program to meet your exercise and strengthening needs whether you want to lose weight or tone up, or if you are wishing to return to your previous functional status following illness, injury, or surgery. Unlike personal trainers, our qualified staff of Exercise Physiologists and Athletic Trainer have medical knowledge and extensive rehabilitation experience. They carefully assess and develop a safe and effective exercise routine specifically for you based on your individual needs. 


Visit our Post-Rehab page for more information about training post surgery/injury.

Advantages of training with us:
  • Initial musculoskeletal assessment and medical history before starting program.

  • Exercise programming specific to your needs and goals.

  • One-On-One training and highly individualized attention.

  • Education about your diagnosis and safe exercises.

  • Highly trained staff with education exceeding that of typical "Personal Trainers."

  • Consultation with your physician to ensure exercise programming is acceptable

  • The safest and most effective treatment in the region.

  • Physician referral is not required to participate in our program.