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RockTape is a special kind of tape known as kinesiology tape used by practitioners to treat all types of injuries and to improve sports performance. RockTape has a lifting effect underneath the skin. This promotes quicker healing by decreasing inflammation.


Please speak with our Certified RockDocs to learn if your injury can be treated with RockTape.  The following injuries are the most common injuries treated with RockTape:

    • Achilles tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Jumpers knee (PFS)
  • ACL/MCL issues
  • Rotator cuff
  • Groin and hamstring pulls
  • Lower back issues
  • Shin splints
  • Tennis and golf elbow
  • Pain associated with pregnancy
  • Postural correction 


Your initial evaluation will last approximately one hour, where one of our RockDocs will evaluate you and your injury.  After discovering the root cause of your pain and injury, the proper taping technique will be performed. 


In most cases, the tape will last up to 7 days, depending on the location of the tape and your daily wear-and-tear. 


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