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What the Employees are Saying about the MedFit Program:

  • “My range of motion is back to 99.9%”

  • “I am expected to have surgery in the fall and if I keep getting better like I am I will not have surgery”

  • “Minimal headaches now and more movement”

  • “Less daily discomfort”

  • “no pain while sitting at computer or on the job site.”

  • “Very helpful and don't want to take meds”

  • “For me this program has been a life saver”

  • “I feel you get less sick time being used because they are taking care of my pain to a level I can work”

  • “MedFit kept me working with no days missed and kept me from having to go to the doctor for treatment!”

What the Employees are Saying about their employer contracting with MedFit:

  • “I think it's an invaluable service”

  • “Recommend to other employees often”

  • “Medfit was great!”

  • “Less pain”

  • “having my range of motion back and the pain gone made all the difference.”

  • “Great benefit”

  • “I never had a benefit like this at a previous job.”

  • “Taking care of employees”

  • “As a relatively new employee I was really impressed with the benefits they offered for Health & Wellness!”

  • “I could not do what I do without this program”

  • “As I stated before an invaluable service that's provided for the employees”

  • “Benefit of value to those in pain”

Has coming to the MedFit program made your housework, yardwork, etc. more manageable?

  • “Having my range of motion back and no pain has made doing work at home back to normal!”

  • “I'm outside a lot doing landscaping, has helped a lot”

  • “Can get more done”

Do you feel like MedFit has decreased your need to visit the doctor?

  • “Absolutely”

  • “Yes, less pain. Don't want knife or meds”

  • “Never had to go to the doctor because of Medfit appointments.”

How likely is it that you would recommend your employer to others based on the benefits provided?

  • “I always recommended it to others.”

  • “I have already done so many times”

  • “I currently tell my co-workers they should try it if they have issues”

  • “Absolutely would!”



 *All quotes were taken from a blind survey.

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To find out how MedFit can be the solution to your company's success, please give us a call at 423.677-1980 or email
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