Post-Rehab Program

What to Expect When Continuing Your Rehab With Us

About the Program:

This program is for anyone who has had joint replacement, orthopedic surgery (such as ACL repair), or any orthopedic injury. Our Post-Rehab Program is designed to get you back to your previous status and possibly even stronger. This program will meet the exercise and strengthening needs of individuals wishing to return to their previous status following illness, injury, or surgery. We specialize in “bridging the gap” by providing a guided and structured transition from your rehabilitation program to a safe return to your active lifestyle.

Who will you be working with?

The GBC Wellness Center is the only facility in the region that is staffed with Exercise Physiologists and Certified Athletic Trainers, all with experience in the medical field and also with extensive rehabilitation experience.  They carefully assess and develop a safe and effective exercise routine specifically for you based on your individual needs.  We work in conjunction with local Physicians,   Chiropractors, Physical and Occupational Therapists to ensure a comprehensive program.

What does the Post-Rehab Program include?

· You will go through a 1-hour assessment that will include:  Your medical history, any medications, exercise history, goals assessment and a complete musculoskeletal assessment.  Home exercises may be prescribed for you to start your program. 

· During your second one-hour session, you will go through your individualized program based on your assessment and be given a customized workout to follow on your own.

· All of your sessions will be one-on-one and you will never be put in a group setting or left alone  during an appointment. 

· Our goal is to educate and get you comfortable with your program in order to be able to do it on your own 2 days a week while we see you for a weekly appointment. 

· Our qualified staff will be available if you need any assistance.


Do I have to be a member of GBC?

MedFit clients do not have to become a member of GBC to participate, however, we will waive the sign-up fee if you choose to join. As a member of GBC, you can save money by joining and performing your customized workout on your own twice a week while continuing your weekly MedFit sessions. 

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