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GBC Offers Classes Specifically Designed for Seniors!

Balance Class.jpg

Better Balance is designed by our resident Exercise Physiologist and CSCS, Scott Held, who is an expert in fall prevention. The main goals of this class are to help you to prevent falls and teach safe alternatives to common movements.


Total Body Gold is great for the active aging population, consisting of strengthening movements using light weights and resistance bands, and aerobic conditioning movements on the floor or step.


Stretch & Flex is a chair-based stretching and mobility class that focuses on improving joint range of motion and muscle flexibility.

Each class will work to improve total body strength while incorporating flexibility.


Emphasis is placed on:

  • Core strength

  • Range of motion

  • Proprioception & muscle memory

  •  Hip stabilization

  •  Functional strength

  •  Cardiovascular conditioning

Post Rehab.JPG

The MedFit Center inside The Great Body Company works to address any muscular or joint aches and pains that you may have, including back, knee, shoulder, and hip pain. All of our Exercise Physiologists and Certified Athletic Trainers have medical backgrounds, so you can be sure you are safe at GBC!


Our Prehab program is designed to be completed prior to joint replacement surgery. The purpose of this program is to improve recovery after surgery and decrease the time you spend in rehabilitation. The GBC staff will communicate and send progress updates to your physician.


Our Post-Rehab Exercise Program is designed to meet the exercise and strengthening needs of individuals wishing to return to their previous status following illness, injury, or surgery. We specialize in “bridging the gap” by providing a guided and structured exercise program following your prescribed rehabilitation program for a safe return to your active lifestyle.

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