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The Prehab program is a program to be completed prior to joint replacement surgery. The purpose of this program is to improve outcomes after surgery and decrease the time you spend in rehabilitation. The GBC staff will communicate and send progress updates to your physician.



  • You will be seen by one of our Exercise Physiologists or a Certified Athletic Trainer — NOT a personal trainer, but a Medical Exercise Specialist.

  • You will undergo a MedFit Assessment which will include the following: Range of Motion (ROM) testing, Strength/Weakness testing, and gathering your medical and exercise history information.

  • We will design a program for you around our assessment and recommendations from your physician. Program includes strengthening and ROM exercises.




  • After your assessment, you will meet weekly with an Exercise Physiologist or an Athletic Trainer.

  • You will be taken through your program one-on-one and be given a specific handout of your exercises to assist you when training independently. 

  • An Exercise Physiologist or a Certified Athletic Trainer will be available for questions during the days you are performing your exercises independently.


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