Welcome to the GBC Wellness Center​!

 The Great Body Company Wellness Center is not just a gym.  We are the only facility in the area that is medically oriented and has a staff with extensive knowledge in exercise science and medical wellness.


We can help you lose weight, enhance your strength and improve performance. We can also help you rehabilitate injuries or get you back on your feet after surgery!​

We are collecting filled shoe boxes and donations for this Christmas season!


Please stop by to get a box or fill your own at home and bring it in! We will be collecting them through November 22nd, 2019!

The Great Body Company Wellness Center is the only medically oriented fitness center in the area.  Instead of personal trainers, we only hire individuals who have college degrees in exercise science.  We have Exercise Physiologists and Certified Athletic Trainers on staff who have extensive knowledge in exercise and the human body--giving you better training and better care!

For the athlete looking to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury, we can create a sports performance program that fits your needs and goals. Our overall objective is to give you an edge over your competition by developing your strength, speed, agility, power, and preventing injuries. Our training programs are designed to establish a strong base of fundamental skills, while keeping a keen eye on proper technique, allowing you to progress to greater levels of athleticism and ensure you can successfully compete safely and effectively in your respective sport.